About us

The AMAN Foundation is a non-profit organization founded after COVID-19 in April 2021 and registered under the Trust Act. on 10th November 2021. Foundation has been working tirelessly to serve society in various ways; AMAN efforts particularly in the field of education have led to miraculous changes through our flagship program known as AMAN Education Program, which aims to serve society and the underprivileged class in the fields of Education, Livelihood, Disaster, and health.

The urban people are becoming more and more aware of the new opportunities being thrown by information technology in comparison to the rural area, the Foundation's approach of community engagement, education, training, awareness programs, research, and extension is a comprehensive and effective strategy for fostering sustainable development in Assam. By empowering youths and communities through knowledge, skills, and resources, they can contribute to poverty reduction, improved livelihoods, disaster preparedness, and enhanced healthcare access.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Ensure Sustainable Livelihood with Dignity.


To alleviate poverty and restore peace and happiness of rural communities through institution building and sustainable Livelihood.


Equality, Accountability, Openness, Punctuality, Supportive & appreciative, Space to individual, Respect to each other, Adherence to commitments.

What we do

How we're making change

Aman Foundation plays a positive role in the development of Assam in general, and Barpeta district in particular work location because it is an area with riverine areas of Brahmaputra and Beki rivers, locally known as “Char/ Chapori” and promotes the culture of this area and its human resource towards this end.